Radio Dramas for the Podcast Set

What if radio dramas like Gunsmoke were available in your podcast app?

Gunsmoke Lunch Box
Gunsmoke Lunch Box (source)

Podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale and The Truth have recently reintroduced contemporary audiences to radio dramas. Radio performances of fictional stories with music and sound effects were popular from the 1920's until the 1950's when T.V. came along and killed the fun. With new podcasts reinvigorating listeners, now is a great time to dig the archives for great radio dramas. The Old Time Radio Researchers Group is a group of fans dedicated to doing just that, finding and cataloging an extensive collection of radio works, carefully piecing together entire series. You can find tons of the shows that they've found on the Internet Archive.

Here is an episode from one of my favorites, Gunsmoke:

Gunsmoke: Episode 1: Billy the Kid (source)

While it's great that these files are available online, I would love if they were available as part of my normal podcast listening. So, here is an idea for a generous programmer: Create a tool that rolls RSS feeds for these archives. With such a tool, it would be cool to choose a show, a start date and a frequency, in order to grab a feed that can live in the podcast app on my phone. I would love to start Gunsmoke from the beginning and have a new episode show up every week next to my other favorite podcasts, like Planet Money and Reply All.