10 New England Lighthouses

Saybrook Breakwater Light
Saybrook Breakwater Light (source)

"Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse is a sparkplug lighthouse in Connecticut, United States, at Fenwick Point at the mouth of the Connecticut River near Old Saybrook, Connecticut." (wiki)

New London Ledge Lighthouse
New London Ledge Lighthouse (source)

"New London Ledge Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Groton, Connecticut on the Thames River at the mouth of New London harbor." (wiki)

Penfield Reef Lighthouse
Penfield Reef Lighthouse (source)

"Penfield Reef Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Connecticut, United States, on Penfield Reef at the south side of Black Rock Harbor entrance on the Long Island Sound, off the coast of Fairfield, Connecticut." (wiki)

Great Point Lighthouse
Great Point Lighthouse (source)

"Great Point Light, officially, Nantucket Light is a lighthouse located on the northernmost point of Nantucket Island." (wiki)

Saddleback Ledge Lighthouse
Saddleback Ledge Lighthouse (source)

"Saddleback Ledge Light is a lighthouse on Saddleback Ledge, an islet lying between Isle au Haut and Vinalhaven, Maine, in the middle of the southeastern entrance to Penobscot Bay." (wiki)

Portland Breakwater Lighthouse
Portland Breakwater Lighthouse (source)

"The Portland Breakwater Light (also called Bug Light) is a small lighthouse in South Portland, Maine." (wiki)

Stratford Shoal Lighthouse
Stratford Shoal Lighthouse (source)

"Stratford Shoal Light, officially Stratford Shoal (Middle Ground) Light, is a lighthouse on a shoal in the middle of Long Island Sound approximately halfway between Port Jefferson, New York and Bridgeport, Connecticut." (wiki)

Boon Island Light Tower
Boon Island Light Tower (source)

"Boon Island Light is located on the 300-by-700-foot (91 m × 213 m) Boon Island off the southern coast of Maine, United States, near Cape Neddick." (wiki)

Whale's Back Light
Whale's Back Light (source)

"Whaleback Light is a historic lighthouse marking the mouth of the Piscataqua River between New Castle, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine." (wiki)

Deer Island Light
Deer Island Light (source)

"Deer Island Light is a lighthouse in Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts." (wiki)