About this site

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Who is running the show?

Hi, I'm Chris.

What's this all about?

Page & Bone is a site dedicated to the extroidanary objects and images contained in libraries, archives and museums around the world. I dig through digital archives and share my favorite finds to educate, inspire and delight.

I am not an expert or historian, simply an enthusiast hoping to attract more attention to great cultural institutions and the fun stuff in their collections.

What's with the name?

When I worked in libraries, I loved to hang out in the special collections room where they were digitizing rare books. As part of the process, the team would occasionally use a "bone folder" to prepare an item. As a peculiar object, its simultaneous connection to cultural preservation and ultimate mortality inspired the name for this site.

Where can I send a tip, compliment, correction, complaint, etc?

Just email it over: pageandbone@gmail.com